Loudspeakers are newfound characters of modernism, the character increases whit population and cities growing to transfer current voice to population. Loudspeakers are playing an important role during our life, Iranian’s life specially. They are the secondary current role, the speaker is the first singular person, current voice role, at least all of voices return to first singular person.

During the election, religious ceremonies, public places, and…everywhere man lives, loudspeakers swarm them. Everywhere has more population loudspeakers playing their role more and severe. They are a lot, but single voicing, mono-log are their main attribute. They don’t listen; they just say…they just want the listener. Its voice sometimes threatens, sometimes warns, sometimes mentions, sometimes encouragement, sometimes publicizes and…

Loudspeakers make traffic voice, they make noise, they break silence they don’t let little voices show themselves. Loudspeakers control man’s motion and man’s relationship; they have a default pattern for them and lead them to each model they want. Loudspeakers don’t allow other voices to be heard. As a social person you are forced to hear its voice and you have no right to hear NO.

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