Once upon a father

Father was patient for 6 months in Tabriz where he was born, grown up and lived. He was not able to go to work anymore. He had no son but rather has five daughters. Delaaram is one of his daughters who took care of her father with her husband. They took him to their own house for more convenience in terms of cares. He could not speak and even look around. She was take giver during this 6 months even changed his diaper. She feed and washed him.  She was quite a religious woman who considered taking care of parents not due to the relationship but as a religious and divine duty. Father died and Delaaram took all funeral and mourning responsibilities alone.

The structure of families in Iran, has been changed because of social, economic and political condition. Religious thinking and management has lost its structure and stability comparing with the past. Taking into account that the population of Iran is aging, it seems that our country neither is ready for providing services in all social levels, nor has any replacement for religious management that is in collapse stage.

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