Earthquake as one of the unpredicted natural disaster takes thousand life each year in over the world. It leads to social crisis and humanities incident. In developing countries these casualties are deep because of poor management. This story is about 2012 August Earthquake on northern west of Iran, in Azarbayjan province in Varzgan restricts. In this earthquake more than 400 villages were blemished that 60 of them were completely destroyed. In spite of people assistance and government care, tension and anxiety among survivals of earthquake are increasing day to day. But in some cases what might be important are incidents after earthquake. While people have lost their family members and properties, they have to continue life in hard situation.   Getting fall and cold weather threat them and intensify stress. Many sell their ranches with low cost to dealers and move in urban or build new houses. Others are waiting for new events and help. It should be mentioned that after main earthquake over 3000 after shakes have occurred in this area. They themselves cause much unrest among survivals and lack of confidence.  Finally, I want to show the way that survivals live in hardship situation and how they take care of their moralities, health and typical life needs. They cope with problems that might be intolerable for many of us.  

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